About us

”Lidiya JAPAN”は、ビジネスや国際交流を通して日本及びエチオピア両国の発展に寄与したいとの思いから、広島県三原市において立ち上げた事業です。






Lidiya JAPAN 代表 奥 献吾




“Lidiya JAPAN” is a project launched in Mihara-City, Hiroshima, JAPAN, from the desire to contribute to the development of both Japan and Ethiopia through business and international exchange.

From my previous experience of staying in Africa for more than two years, I became more aware of the importance of international contributions through business.

It is not our goal of improving the world but the goal is to change people’s lives little by little by creating money and people movements through business.

By promoting new encounters and logistics between people and people through our project, we believe that we can create new employment in Ethiopia and opportunities for Japanese business person to look overseas.

We are aiming for a business that makes more people happy through our business.


Lidiya JAPAN , Kengo OKU